Below are some products I have personally tried and here’s what I got to say about them!!

VOXBOX Reviews:

I received a voxbox from I got 2 full sized products branded by cover girl!! Pretty awesome. Products are free you just are asked to submit a review. I was able to try the the new ‘super sizer’ mascara & the ‘intensify me’ eyeliner. The eyeliner resembled a thin marker. Both products were great and I am now using them daily within my makeup routine. I adore the eyeliner. I was skeptical about it at first because i bought a liquid eyeliner similar, one branded ‘wet n wild’ and it sucked!!! it dried up very quickly and i would not suggest it to anyone!! I have received several compliments on my mascara.


Sites where you can test and review products:

Want to get free or really cheap Amazon products? These 10 sites will give them to you, as long as you promise to leave a product review after testing it.

The one thing you might want to remember is the shipping cost. Sellers won’t cover this when they send you a promotion code. If your product is over $35 dollars, you qualify for free shipping. Or you can get Amazon Prime for free two-day shipping on all products. If you don’t wanna pay the $99 annual fee, you can always try a free 30-day trial.

1. Snagshout

Snagshout is one of the more popular Amazon Review Sites. Snagshout only allows you to review one product at a time, meaning you have to order the product, test it, review it, and get it verified by the Snagshout team before you can review another product.




ITEM (1 of 2 below)DANISH ENDURANCE calf compression sleeves- Size S (bottom left)

I really liked this product. I have muscle cramps frequently in my calve muscles. They help with that and are also good for runners/joggers and athletes of various sorts. It is very comfortable and has been well used since I got it. Not to forget to mention fast shipping!!! I would definitely recommend this product. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review this product free of charge.



I used the tray for whitening my teeth. It was a little bulky for me personally . However it did the job as far as the purpose what I used it for. Wasn’t very flexible material.. I received the product fast and thanks to the company I was able to test this product free.  (Chips were to sample. Also got the coupons for free MM’s & Snickers.)

13230176_1351734441507261_5212663945078214736_nPRODUCTS (1 of 2)  >> FLEX TRAVEL PILLOW 




Although it may seem like it can take a while before you receive another product, the great thing about Snagshout is that no matter what product you choose to review, you’ll always be approved. Other sites usually wait for the seller to check out yourAmazon Profile Page first before they decide whether they want you to test a product or not. That’s why we put this at number 1.

I’ve never had a serious problem with these guys, and when I do I report it. For example, they couldn’t find my review, so I sent them a message about it after 24 hours had passed. Within just 15 minutes they responded that my review had been confirmed and I could go ahead and review another product. All of these sites are 100% free to join.

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2. AMZ Review Trader

This is definitely a top contender with Snagshout. It’s different in the fact that instead of being able to review one product at a time, you can review up to 20. The one downside with this review site is that sellers will approve your Amazon Profile before they actually give you a promotion code.


If they see you’re unlikely to leave reviews, they most likely won’t give it to you. For this reason we recommend leaving a few reviews on products you’ve previously purchased before trying AMZ Review Trader. I love this site because I can find a lot of products that go for free, or at an extremely high discount. With a good profile ranking, you’re sure to get lots of good items.

It’s extremely important to leave reviews with this one, as they constantly check and want to make sure that you’re going to be fair in keeping your word about leaving a review. If you don’t, you’ll unlikely receive future promotion codes from sellers.

Click Here To Read Our Full AMZ Review Trader Review



Product (1 of 3) >>>4 peice  STEAK & KNIFE SET

20160428_124007 I got the knife and fork set to review free from Bliz Tec. It arrived fast  and I have to say it’s my ‘go to’ knife and fork set. VERY durable. Made from sturdy material. Sharp knife. I really enjoyed having a nice steak dinner the day I received this. I was able to cut through my steak with no issues. I used both the fork and knife on my baked potato. No issues.

Product( 2 of 3) >>> Finish It! Gear Sleek, Running fanny pack

Running belt fanny pack for a man or a woman. Has several compartments to fit your phone and all your other ‘on the go’ gear. It has a no bounce feature. I personally went on a short walk while wearing the fanny pack and it was very comfortable and was bale to hold my cell phone etc. There are also belt loops on the outside you can use as well.  I ran a little to test the ‘no bounce’ technology and it didn’t bounce but just a touch. It’s design and material are awesome. Its made from similar material to that of a wet suit. Thanks to “Really Handy Products” through Amazon, I was able to test this product for free. The shipment was fast. Thanks for the opportunity!!!


Product (3 of 3)>>>Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating serum for sensitive skin

I have used this serum daily to moisturize my skin. It feels very nice and I enjoy using it daily. It seems to give my skin a wonderful non- greasy wonderfulness. I got this item at a highly discounted rate to review and I am completely satisfied. I would definitely recommend this product to my family and friends. Thanks to the company, Valentina Skin Care, through Amazon for the opportunity!!

3. Elite Deal Club

Elite Deal Club is right up there with AMZ Review Trader and Snagshout. While they don’t have as many deals, you’ll find a lot of freebies here. You have to act quickly, however, as they go incredibly fast. Most of the items listed won’t go above $30 at full retail value, but it’s pretty easy to snag a few decent products for only $1 – $2 dollars.


Even if you forget to leave reviews, they’ll still allow you to purchase other products for a while. They also have a cool promotion in which if you invite a lot of people in a given week, you have the chance to earn free Amazon Gift Cards. They also have superb customer support.

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4. Dollar Deal Reviews

They don’t have a large product selection, and it’s really difficult to find products for free on Dollar Deal Reviews. This is because most of the freebies are gone quickly and they don’t update their selections very frequently. Please use the following referral link (:


This site works a little bit differently. They give you what are called deal tickets. Each time you select a product, you have to use these tickets. If you’re out of tickets, you have to test and review the product before you can do any more. Refer friends to increase your maximum tickets. I don’t check this site as much as other review sites, but they’re still pretty good and have gotten me some really decent items.

Click Here To Read Our Full Dollar Deal Reviews Review

5. Product Elf

Product Elf has a fairly large selection compared to other review sites, and they update their page almost every day. Sometimes I don’t find the discounts that great of a deal, however. For example, sometimes you’ll find something at 50% off, but it’s usually something that’s already cheap to begin with, so you’re not saving much.


Still, I’ve gotten quite a few things from here that I haven’t found on any other review site, and for that matter they are definitely unique in their product selection. Definitely the best place to go if you’re looking for supplements, because they stack a ton of them.

Click Here To Read Our Full Product Elf Review

6. Uber Zon Club

This site isn’t as popular as the other Amazon Review Sites, but they still have some great deals time to time. You won’t find a selection of products by going to their site, but rather a landing page that’s only used for registering a new account. They are a bit more strict in their process for giving out discounts.


You must provide the shipping address to where you’re going to ship the product, and you must use your promotion code within 4 hours after activating it. Despite all this, it’s usually pretty simple to keep getting deals as long you leave decent, honest reviews. I haven’t had a problem with them yet. Just be sure to snag deals quickly before they run out.

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7. Giveaway Service

Giveaway Service is an excellent addition to the Amazon Review Sites List. They offer a lot of products, and some of them have a full retail value of $60 dollars or more. Most of the time the promotion codes that you receive offer you a 100% discount, meaning you’re more likely to get free products using this website.


The one thing you have to take note of is that sometimes there are different rules for each specific product, so be sure to read them carefully. For example, instead of leaving a product review on Amazon, they may require you to write a blog post about it instead.

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8. EtekCitizen

EtekCitizen has great products that are always offered for free. Yet their website only promotes product from one brand: EtekCitizen. In exchange for leaving your review, they are giving you their products for free that they put up on Amazon.


Instead of using their website to select a product, you’re only going to communicate with them via email. They have excellent customer service and respond very quickly to any inquiries. I personally love their products, but the only downside is that they only allow you to get one product a month at most. At least this leaves you with more time to browse other Amazon Review Sites. This is a must for anyone wanting high-quality products for free.

Click Here To Read Our Full EtekCitizen Review

9. Deals For Reviews

Their product selection isn’t very big, but I browse here from time to time just to see what kind of unique products they have, sometimes out of the norm. One time I received this really cool Skull Face Mask for just $.99 cents. I didn’t have much use for it, but it was definitely a lot more fun than any other product I had found so far.


This is honestly the last site I check each day, because their stock is so limited. You’re most unlikely to find free products here, but you can usually get them for up to 80% – 90% off. Still a great deal and definitely one to add to the list.

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10. Home Product Testing

Last but not least on our list comes Home Product Testing. A lot of the goods found on this review site consist mostly of kitchen products. You won’t find a lot of products for free, but discounts are abound, bringing a $20 product all the way down to $2 dollars or less. They also update their selection quite frequently.


You won’t find a lot of products that are of high retail value here, but I always check it out since their selection seems to be a lot more practical than any other site. However, sometimes their deals tend to vary. They had some spatulas on sale for $6 dollars, which I didn’t consider to be a very good deal. I could’ve gotten the same thing on another page almost for free.

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My Top 5 Products

Still skeptical about these review sites? Here’s a quick list of my top 5 products that I’ve received at a large discount or for free:

Final Thoughts

If you plan on making a lot of purchases through these review sites or on Amazon in general, we highly recommend you get Amazon Prime. You’ll get your product a lot faster and within 2 days at no cost.

Be sure to leave as many reviews as you can. It will only help your Amazon Profile Ranking, thus earning you more chances to earn reviews from sellers. If you’re still looking for other ways to save some cash on Amazon, we highly recommend the following articles:

While some sites are better than others, I still look at all of them on a daily basis every morning. Have any other questions or comments? Leave them below. Thanks again for reading and happy frugaling!

Hey everyone!  Did you know that you can become a product tester for Top Brands and get paid to review their products?  Yep, you can and all for free!

I’ve been testing products for money for the past 8 years and love doing it!  I get about 4 to 5 full size products and sample products to test a month.  I’m getting the first exclusive look at up and coming products not yet on the market.

The reason for product testing is that Top Brands would like to know what consumers think about newest products they’re developing to be sent to stores, but before they do that they need your opinions.  This way it’ll save them time and money if the product doesn’t do well.

Wonder How Product Testing Works and How You Can Become a Product Tester?

First, you’ll need to sign up with a company that offers product testing at home.  Once you do this the company will send you emails to fill out screeners to see if you’ll qualify for their current product test.  When you fill out their screener survey, they’ll let you know at the end if you qualify or not.  For example, let say the company is looking for people to test out their beauty product, if you don’t use beauty products then you won’t qualify, if you do then you’ll qualify for the testing.

Once you get the approval to test, the company will ask for your address to send you the product to test for a week or two.  Then they’ll follow up with you with an email asking questions about the product you’ve tested.  When you’re done, you get paid!  WOO HOO!

How You Can Become a Product Tester and Get Paid to Test Products at Home via
Free Beauty Products from L’Oreal over $300 Worth!!!!!!


How Much Can You Make Being a Product Tester?

What’s great you get to keep the product you’ve tested!!!  So, keep product, and get paid!  It’s a win-win!!!!

How much you get paid varies.  I’ve been paid anywhere from $3-$150. There was a time I tested a website in beta format for HBO (now called HBO-GO) and they paid me $100 for doing it!  Very easy money!



Paid Product Testing

These companies below are my personal favorites I use to get free products at home to test, and get paid by either PayPal, Cash, Gift Cards, or Merchandise. Sign up now before these panels don’t accept new members!  If you’re the main shopper in your household you should do really well.


Always be honest and not speed through the survey, or you’ll risk being banned from the program and not getting paid.

1. SurveySpot Panel–  I remember receiving my first product test from SurveySpot Panel and it was testing coffee for a few weeks, and I was paid $150 doing it! They are the longest running and trusted panel.  They pay instantly once you make $10 payout and cash out. They also offers to join high paying focus groups.  Pay by PayPal and Gift Cards  Please use this link:


2.  Toluna Panel– I get quite a bit to test with Toluna Panel and the pay is good! When you sign up, click the “Rewards” tab and then click “Test Products” tab.  You’ll get product test invites in your email as well.  Also Toluna has high paying focus groups.  Pay by Cash and Gift Cards 

3. Pinecone Research– Pinecone Research is the most Top Rated Product Testing Company and I receive several products a month.  They’re hard to get into because they’re invitation only, but you’re in luck because I have the direct link to sign up!  Pay by Cash, PayPal, Gift Cards, Merchandise, Music, and More! 

4. I-Say Panel–  I get a lot of household items to test with I-Say Panel.  They also offer joining high paying focus groups.  I-Say is one of my favorites.  Pay by Cash, PayPal, and Gift Cards 

5.  Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel–  You’ll get a free scanner to scan all your household purchases with Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel and you get rewarded for it by getting free electronics and more!  Pay by Free Merchandise 

6.  Harris Poll Online– So many different ways to make money with Harris Poll Online, like online and mobile surveys, product testing, high paying focus groups, make money through mobile app, and you can take surveys on the phone.  This panel is also perfect for teens looking to make money too.  If you don’t qualify for a survey, you still earn points.  Pay by Gift Cards

7. Survey Junkie–  Survey Junkie is one of the most popular sites to earn cash completing surveys and reviewing products.  They match you with surveys that are right for you, meaning more money for you to earn.  Pay by PayPal and Gift Cards

8. SwagbucksSwagbucks has all kinds of diverse ways to make money, like paid surveys, product testing, focus groups, shopping and more.  It’s a fan favorite!  Pay by Cash and Gift Cards

9. MySurvey– I get quite a few products from MySurvey Panel and pay is very well.  I get stuff like foods, beauty products, and household items.  Also I receive cell phones to use for a couple of weeks every few months to record different task on it for them.  Also offers to join high paying focus groups.  Pay by Cash, PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, and Other Gift Cards 

10. Global Test Market–  I mostly get household items with Global Test Market, but the pay is great!  Pay by Cash

11. SurveySavvy– I mostly get beauty products with SurveySavvy Panel like perfumes, lotions, deodorant.  They pay well.  Also offers to join high paying focus groups.  Pay by Cash

12. YouGov– They have shorter surveys, meaning it’ll take less time to complete them.  They offer product testing, online surveys, as well as business and IT type of surveys, earn money taking surveys on your phone, and surveys for teens.  You get paid in so many different ways with them.  Pay by Cash via Check, PayPal, Visa Prepaid Cards, Merchandise, Gift Cards, and Movie Vouchers 

13. Opinion Outpost–  I’ve received some products to test from them and they pay pretty well.  Also when you cash out they pay you within seconds!  Pay by PayPal and Gift Cards 

14. Mindfield Online– I don’t get much from Mindfield Online but their product testing pays me about $30 or more.  Also they offer a lot of baby products testing.  Pay by Cash, PayPal, andAmazon Gift Cards

15.  ACOP– I get a few products from ACOP Panel, but their pay is good.  Also offers to join high paying focus groups.  Pay by Cash, PayPal, and Tango Gift Cards

16. iPoll–  I get quite a few shampoos and conditioners from iPoll.  What is also good is that you get $5 when you sign up.  Also they were formally known as SurveyHead Panel, but rebranded themselves.  Pay by PayPal and Gift Cards

17. In Home Product Testing Panel– I don’t get much from In Home Product Testing Panel, only every few months and they pay with Target gift cards.  Pay by Target Gift Cards

18 BzzAgent–  BzzAgent is my favorite!  I get so many free stuff to test that I’ve lost count!!!  Great company!  Doesn’t pay, but I love getting so much stuff each month!!!!!!  Pay by MyPoints rewards to redeem for free merchandise, gift cards and more  

19. Smiley360– I recently signed up with Smiley360 and already tested a couple of things with them.  Doesn’t pay though.  Pay by Free Products

20. McCormick–  If you like the McCormick brand of foods and seasonings, they offer to review their products, and you’ll get paid for it.  They also have contest at times too.  Pay by AmazonGift Cards

21. Johnson & Johnson Friends & Neighbors–  I use to get products to test from them quite a bit when my daughters were babies and toddlers, but not so much anymore since my daughters are older.  This name brand company is prefect for mothers with young children. Pay by Cash

22. LOreal Product Testing Panel– I get new products from LOreal to test, but for some reason it’s hard to qualify for some of their testing.  But when you do qualify, you get a boatload of free beauty products!  Pay by Free Beauty Products

23. BuzzBack PanelI get mostly beauty products from BuzzBack Panel, but not many.  Pay by PayPal and Gift Cards

Get Paid to Join Clinical Research Trials

Did you know that you can join clinical research trials and can be paid up to $1000 or more?  Yes, very true!  You’ll be paid for your time and travels to a research facility for testing.  Below are current clinical research trials openings, must have one of these conditions to sign up.
Clinical Trial: Pediatric Asthma
Clinical Trial: Back Pain
Clinical Trial: Arthritis
Clinical Trial: Psoriasis
Clinical Trial: Migraine
Clinical Trial: Rheumatoid Arthritis

Here are even more companies that offers product testing!

New Balance Shoes– Test shoes and athletic wear

Ghsports– Test athletic wear products.

Nintendo Game Testers– Test Nintendo games. Must be in Redmond Washington Area.

USRobitics Beta Testers– Test Gaming Products.

Microsoft Playtest Gamers– Test games.

GoodHousekeeping Reader/Tester Panel– Join Good Housekeeping Panel and receive products to test.

Homeschool– Test home school products.

Nike Testing– Test Nike Footwear and Apparel.

Reebok Testing– Test Reebok Footwear and Apparel.

Brooks Testing– Test Brooks running shoes.

MarketReaderPro– You can have an opportunity to test a variety of products.

MindsPay Panel– Review Products, Make a Difference, and Earn Money all at the same time at Mindspay.

Kraft First Taste– Taste the latest Kraft Foods.

ExpoTV– If you have a web cam you can review products at home.  All reviews are done on a web cam, so having a web cam is a must!.

Tide– Test Tide products.

Mills Advisory Panel– Test General Mills products.

Crum Creek– Get healthy food samples to test each month.

PinchMe– Pick sample products you would like to try out and review.

Brillo Connection– Join to review freebies and advice with their products.

Instyle Trendsetter– Love Instyle?  You’ll be able to have a chance to review products and give your feedback.–  Enjoy entertaining in your home?  Houseparty will supply you with products to throw a party in your home.

Allure Beauty Enthusiasts–   As an Allure Beauty Enthusiast, you’re at the top of your beauty game—with insider access to exclusive offers, VIP events, and the chance to sound off about trends, product launches, and beauty preferences.

Certified Field Associate–  Do you like movies?  Get paid to watch movies and also other things in movie theaters.  You can find more information about it here.

How You Can Become a Product Tester and Get Paid to Test Products at Home via
Some of the few products I’ve tested over the years and got paid for my time
Are you an International and would like to become a product tester?  Click here.  

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Did You Know:  I was featured in Dr. Oz’s February 2014 issue of Dr. Oz’s The Good Life magazine, eBay’s blog discussing about me reviewing products and getting paid by these name brand companies, and Woman’s World Magazine March 2016 issue all about me testing products!  Also, this post is the top ranked blog post about product testing with Google!

How You Can Become a Product Tester and Get Paid to Test Products at Home via www.productreviewmom.comHow You Can Become a Product Tester and Get Paid to Test Products at Home via www.productreviewmom.comProduct testing is so much fun and rewarding because you’re making a difference with what type of products you’d like on the market.  You’re letting your voice be heard.

I’ve tested a lot of products over the years that I don’t remember how many!  LOL!  I’ve tested electronics, toys, food products, beauty products, household products, adult products, websites, and so much more!

If you’re a blogger looking to review products and blog about it, click here.

If you’re looking for more ways to make money from home, like paid surveys, paid clinical trials, focus groups, and more, please visit my other blog

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